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About La Dame Noire

 I know that all my wearings are often black, but I chose the nickname 'la dame noire' in reference to the best and the strongest piece of the game of chess. I like that kind of strategy, reflection and that perfect balance between anticipation and improvisation. 


 EPS Saint-Laurent Liège from 2008 to 2010 :Webmaster

My passion and ma ambitions led me to the evening studies at Saint-Laurent Institute. While a I combined day-to-day a 9-to-5 professional activity and a scalable learning after my daywork. A course spread over two consecutive years in two main parts.

Web Design and Web Development study, also basic knowledge in Netwrork, in legislation and web specifications. Ended on the ability to create a static website features the W3C norms.

Dynamic and interactive Web programming, and data base writing and management. Ended with a final work aimed on the autonomy to create and develope a full dynamique website in professional situations.

 ESA Saint-Luc Liège from 2006 to 2007 :Visual Arts - Illustration

After graduation at ESA Saint-Luc in Liège, I wanted to resume Illustration in the same school for a brief summary about drawing knowledge.

Main tools of drawings have been mastered in details : quill and China ink, watercolor, gouache and different art pencil...

Basic tecnique of freehand drawings, of area visualisation, shadows and lights effect, of perspective and depths of elements.

 ESA Saint-Luc Liège from 2003 to 2006 :Visual Arts - Graphic Design

My ambitions were to perfect myself in a field that is both artistic and technical, so I followed Graphic Design courses at ESA Saint-Luc de Liège, where I graduated since june 2006. Three years that constitute three important steps for professional knowledge and know-how.

First contact and analysis of graphic design and advertising, general history of arts, typographic study and digital production.

Style Research thru creative workshops. Study of printing history and printing technique, and history of graphic design.

Professionalism and practical application of acquired knowledge, real situation in close collaboration with an external client, internship integration, methodological analysis in a basic marketing approach, professional graphic design workshop and presentation in front of an external jury, and also the elementary development of animation and web.

 Royal School of Vielsalm from 1999 to 2003 :Technical Qualification - Fine Arts

It's when it all started and like many as a child I particularly liked drawing. My initial ambition to follow a creative road-life has concreted in my 3rd year at Royal shool in Vielsalm - I was 15. I chose Fine Arts option where many artistic courses has given.

Lettering & Picto, Art History, Digital Design, Rhetoric & Structure of an image, Technic of painting, color rendering, Nature Drawings and Sketches, Photography...

In my 5th and 6th at school I could try my knowledge thanks to two trainee periods in corporate while two weeks each. The firts was at Logotype company in Sprimont ; and the second was at Multiprint company in Liège. Graphic Design and lettering for created a first experience in the professional field.

Old Home page Old Gallery
Screen shot from 1rst website la-dame-noire.com - Full Flash Template in 2010.
Végétation - Drawings with pencil 2B, 4B et 8B, and digital images.
Visuel: Les Arts Majeurs
Les Arts Majeurs, Artwork from 'Art-E-Fac' display for Studiant Arts festival in ESA organised by UnECof in 2006 - Digital art.
Marilyn Manson's portrait
Marilyn Manson's portrait made in 2001 - Gouache Painting on paper.

Graphic extract

Regicide Extrait
Extract from Regicide Initial - Digital art.

Other online projects

Creative trend

I'm less attracted to gouache or acrylic painting - although I occasionally do it - but one of my favorit new trends is to custom various objects as Skateboard, snowboard, ... even 'WC board' ! And my very favorit one is music instruments.

About my drawings and illustrations they have gradually been free from any color in favor of black ink. Probably due to my other activity as Graphic & Web Designer where - of course - colors are the favorit choice of my clients / employers.

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