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 Term of use and Privacy Policy 

1rst Article : General meaning and object of use

These Terms of use and Privacy Policy are relative to the using of the website - named here as Website - by the users – named here as Webusers.

The Website (and its content) is under intelecual properties of its author, Elodie Bayet - here named as the Author - belgian Graphic Designer and resident in Région wallonne, Belgium.

Regarding to the development of these new tools of communication, it's necesary to care about security of private life. It's the reason why the Author tend to respect the confidentiality of the personal information that could be collected on this Website.

By continuing your visit or using the Website, you agree to these Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. In the event of a disagreement following the reading of these Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, the Author asks you to stop using the Website.

For further information or comments, please contact the Author using this form : Contact

2nd artcile : Security and responsabilities

The Author undertakes to maintain a high degree of security regarding the functioning of the Website. However, no mechanism offers absolute and flawless security. Therefore, despite all the efforts made, the Author can not be held responsible for any damage if the servers are subject to a sudden attack.

The Author is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the Website and, in particular, internal or external links or hyperlinks.

The Author endeavors to keep up to date, exact and precise, all information present on the Website (descriptions, photos, dimensions, etc.). But can not under any circumstances be held responsible for any error present in this information.

3rd article : Content and intellectual property rights :

The Website and its content (text, photos, graphics, illustrations, interface elements, information, logos) remain the property of the Author, use and consultation confer no rights to Internet users. Any reproduction, public communication or partial or complete reuse of the Website and its content (texts, photos, graphics, illustrations, interface elements, information, logos, CSS styles), in any way whatsoever, are prohibited without authorization Written and preliminary of the Author.

Article 4th : Privacy policy :

4.1 - Information sent thru contact form

By using the contact form on this Website, you agreed to send the information like : lastname, firstname, e-mail address and gender/sex. Any additional information is not asked to you for using the form.

4.2 - Statistic information caught by 'Google Analytics'

The Website automatically collects information such as geographical and linguistic origin, frequency and redundancy of interactivity, browser and connection network, operating system and device type, date and time. duration of pages visited, previous redirects, etc. on the Internet users. This information is collected by the analytics analyzer 'Google Analytics' (more information here: and are only dedicated to statistics. These data are used to optimize the operation and use of the Website and therefore, the experience of Internet users, to ensure maximum comfort of navigation.

4.3 - Third-party using

Except some details previously noticed in the paragraph 4.2 - Statistic information, there is no third-party using of the information sent by the contact form.