About La Dame Noire

 I know that all my wearings are often black, but I chose the nickname 'la dame noire' about 2006 in reference to the best and the strongest piece of the game of chess... added to the black. Since, all my graphic productions slowly leave colours and give an exclusive place to black. 

 Cursus & Concept 



EPS Saint-Laurent Liège from 2008 to 2010



ESA Saint-Luc Liège from 2006 to 2007


Graphic Design

ESA Saint-Luc Liège from 2003 to 2006


Fine Arts

Athénée Royal Vielsalm from 1999 to 2003

Self-portrait - digital art.

La Dame Noire is a personal and artistic activity and oriented graphic experiments. It's totally free from my main activity and it targets at creation with darker and deeper styles. Artwork presented here aren't from any 'external order' - although they can be anyway - but really created as I wanted with my own inspiration and idea.